Nomadic Dairy introduces protein puddings with a focus on taste

Nomadic Dairy has made its first foray into a significant non-yogurt category with protein puddings.

Available in vanilla and chocolate flavours, the puddings come in 200g pots (rsp £1.89) containing 20g of protein. They are low in fat and have no added sugar.

In yogurts and potted desserts, active health has seen the strongest volume growth – up 4.4% (+£6 million) – and is now worth £83.3 million (Kantar).

Nomadic believes its focus on great taste can generate cut-through in the busy protein space.

Brand manager Bethan Miles says: “We’re keenly aware of the shift in protein products’ appeal which has significantly expanded consumer demand. Whether people are gym goers or just plain busy, these protein-packed puddings represent functional, but easy and great-tasting, additions to on-the-go diets. Our competitive edge is a focus on taste, which we think has almost been an afterthought for others. ”


Published Date: November 12, 2022

Category: Product of the Month