Walkers Crisps potato growers use more sustainable methods

PepsiCo UK & Ireland has halved the amount of water and carbon used to grow potatoes for Walkers Crisps in water-stressed areas as part of its ‘50 in 5’ commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from potato production by 50% in five years.

walkers-lorry-with-tractor-for-webAround 100 British farmers growing potatoes for the crisps brand are now equipped to grow more British potatoes whilst using less water and emitting less carbon.

David Wilkinson, European senior director of agriculture at PepsiCo, said: “We buy 340,000 tonnes of potatoes a year in the UK so have a real stake in trying to make the process of growing potatoes as sustainable as possible. We’re very proud to have met our ’50 in 5’ target working in partnership with British farmers. This programme really demonstrates how businesses can work across the supply chain to minimise impact on the environment.”

Gavin Janaway, a grower at Whitewater Farm, Hampshire, has been growing potatoes for Walkers for almost 40 years, a relationship that began with his father.

He said: “This programme has enabled us to use technology to tackle the impact of climate change. As farmers across the UK are challenged by more frequent extremities of weather and increasingly scarce resources, it is now more important than ever for farms to be more sustainable. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders in the supply chain to care for the environment, and working in partnership is the way forward for sustainable farming. This initiative has been crucial in helping us achieve that, reducing our water and carbon and improving our yields.”

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Published Date: December 1, 2016
Category: Product & Promotions News