TWC invites wholesalers and suppliers to contribute to new industry tracker

Data and digital specialist TWC has announced the launch of TWC Trends – a new industry tracker.

The service will complement TWC’s existing data platforms which enable wholesalers, operators and suppliers to understand what is happening in the market. TWC Trends will empower stakeholders to explore and understand why it is happening, in order to align products, systems and service to meet fast-changing consumer needs.

TWC Trends will look to identify and quantify emerging and future trends in two parts (published as written reports and video content), which will be interspersed with time-critical insight through the year. Part 1 will be published mid-April, with part 2 scheduled for mid-October.

TWC’s first report will focus on key elements facing businesses as they – and society as a whole – adjust to a new way of life and face the longer-term impact of living with a pandemic. TWC will consider what innovations have stuck through the COVID-19 crisis that will change the way people shop and socialise and what they buy. It will explore questions such as: Is there too much NPD? Do core ranges need to change? Will there be less face-to-face engagement between suppliers, retailers and wholesalers, and will digital engagement continue to grow in store, and in hospitality?If so, what will that look like?

In order that the tracker is as inclusive and representative as possible, TWC’s development director Tom Fender is inviting wholesalers, foodservice operators and suppliers to contribute themes of direct interest to their own business by 26 February. His email is

Those interested in receiving TWC Trends part 1 in April can register here:

Tel: TWC (01908) 920602


Published Date: February 10, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News