Sales of Spar UK approach £3 billion mark

Spar UK’s retail sales rose by 8.5% to £2.84 billion in 2016, largely due to a surge in its number of symbol retailers. There was also more emphasis on fresh foods and foodservice.

Spar's Debbie Robinson

Debbie Robinson: ‘We are in a fantastic financial position.’

The group, supported by five wholesalers, added 186 stores, bringing the total to 2,620. The total retail area was 371,189 sq metres and sales per sq metre increased by 4.2%.

The UK is the third-placed region in terms of Spar International’s global retail sales, behind Austria first and South Africa second.

Debbie Robinson, Spar UK’s managing director, said: “We are in a fantastic financial position. We continue to take a more personal approach with our customers, ensuring we have the right products and services.

“Our experience and knowledge of the market and the consumer set us apart in times when others are finding the marketplace challenging.”

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Published Date: May 18, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News