Parfetts launches new own-brands, app and promotional brochure

Parfetts has unveiled several initiatives to enhance its retail customers’ offering in-store and to make shopping with the wholesaler easier.

More than 130 own-brand products will be launched in the coming weeks, including Boom Pop popcorn in three varieties, and seven snack products, the first of which are cheese puffs, onion rings, salt & vinegar twists.

In the household category, the wholesaler has just introduced Go Local washing-up liquid, hand soap, hand gel and toilet gel, and these will be followed shortly by thick bleach, dishwasher tablets and laundry liquid.

Speaking at Parfetts’ virtual trade show, head of brand Mike Coates explained that the company’s 4Ps strategy for launching own-brands means that it focuses on offering the best possible product, presentation, price, and profit on return, and it benchmarks these aspects against competitor lines.

Online orders now account for a third of Parfetts’ business, and it is continuing to develop new features – such as touch/face ID and push notifications – for both its website and app in order to make the shopping experience easier for retailers, reported online manager Natalie Campbell.

Parfetts’ customers currently have access to a third-party app, but the wholesaler is testing its own app with a group of retailers and hopes to roll it out soon to its whole customer base, said Campbell. “Our new app has the same look and feel as our website but with a few more bells and whistles, most notably a new feature called multiple scan which allows the user to scan multiple products that build in the trolley.”

In the past 12 months, over 200 retailers have joined Go Local, which takes Parfetts “within touching distance” of its original aim of 1,000 stores, reported retail director Guy Swindell.

“Since we launched Go Local 10 years ago, it’s unbelievable how far we’ve come,” he said. “As we introduced our delivered model GOLD, and our web ordering system, it allowed us to go into new areas and recruit new business – and now our symbol customers account for nearly 35% of our turnover.

“But we’re not stopping there. We have a really good pipeline of retailers wanting to join the Go Local retail group.”

Parfetts recently introduced free distribution of its promotional leaflet and is assisting retailers with digital activity, as well as continuing with store development.

“Part of Parfetts’ DNA is that we listen to our customers,” said Swindell. “Like many wholesalers we are bombarded with all types of information. One of the big pieces of feedback we received is that retailers want one version of the truth – and so we are releasing Parfetts Trader.

Parfetts Trader details upcoming activity including the company’s three-weekly cash & carry offers. It also features new lines, own-label developments, product suggestions for boosting margins, themes for special events throughout the calendar year, and category insight. In addition, every featured line is accompanied by its barcode to make online ordering easier.

Parfetts’ trade show continues until 22 May and features more than 150 offers from 60 suppliers.

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Published Date: May 13, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News