New IGD analysis shines light on evolving B2B customer journey

In his session at IGD Livewhich takes place at London’s Tobacco Dock on 6-7 November, lead wholesaling analyst Patrick Mitchell-Fox will share detail on the IGD’s latest data segmentation of the UK’s food & grocery wholesale sector, tracking the ways in which B2B customers are interacting with the channel.

The revamped analysis is able, for the first time, to split data across:

• Modes of ordering/purchasing (online versus in-depot)

• Modes of fulfilment (delivery service versus self-collect)

The analysis gives specific values and growth rates for online/electronic purchasing (£11.2 billion) and its share (39.6%) and rate of growth (+8.9%), showing the increasingly crucial role that web-based platforms play in the merchandising and marketing of products to B2B customer groups.

Likewise, the IGD can now put a value on the goods being delivered to wholesale customers (£19.1 billion) and conversely the value of sales still being made in depot (i.e. the value of ‘actual’ cash & carry: £9.2 billion), shedding light on the ongoing role that the depot still has as a merchandising environment.

The data is split further by customer groups, highlighting how trends and behaviours in ordering and fulfilment are varying between independent retailers and caterers.

Delegates attending IGD Live next week will find out more about these issues, as well as many other matters. The event boasts more than than 130 speakers, across 50 content streams, as well as a vast number of retailers and suppliers all under one roof for the first time.

With less than a week to go, there are limited tickets available. Tickets can be booked at

Tel: IGD (01923) 857141


Published Date: October 31, 2019
Category: Wholesale Industry News