National Buying Consortium recruits three new members

National Buying Consortium (NBC) has boosted its membership with three new recruits.

Berkshire Beverages is based in Reading and supplies retail and on-trade outlets with beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks; Blue Banana is located in London and supplies confectionery, snacks, and soft drinks to the independent retail trade; and Ever Fresh Dairy, which trades as 7 Stars Cash & Carry, is based in Croydon and supplies a wide range of food and beverages to catering and hospitality outlets.

Commenting on the boost to membership, NBC managing director David Lunt said: “It is great to see the level of interest in our group that has converted into membership so soon in the year. We truly believe that our buying group is unique and that if you want to take control of your future, membership through shareholding of NBC is the way to go. This brings the membership to 40 since we first started in 2019, representing well over £400 million of turnover and serving retail, catering, government, and hospitality sectors.”

Talvinder Birk, owner of Berkshire Beverages, commented: “I took a great deal of time to decide to join NBC and had many discussions with David [Lunt] about how my membership through shareholding would help my business. I am impressed with the level of commitment that the group has to control their future and I am really looking forward to working with the team as we approach the easing of lockdown restrictions.”

Ramesh Varsani, owner of Blue Banana, said: “It was a big decision to leave my previous buying group and it was only made possible with my many discussions and visits to the team at Chipping Norton. I believe that the fundamental principle of membership through shareholding ensures that my business interests are always front and centre. I am looking forward to working in partnership with the suppliers that NBC work with and using the business tools that I can tailor to my business.”

Naveed Ahmed, owner of Ever Fresh Dairy, commented: “I am looking forward to working in this group environment, where teamwork and commitment to developing everyone’s businesses is critical to success. The agreements that are in place with major suppliers will help me grow my sales and customer base, and taking advantage of the central warehousing and logistics service NDN to access great prices in realistic order quantities will be a real game changer for me.”

Tel: National Buying Consortium (01608) 692410


Published Date: March 3, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News