Landmark and Today’s merger confirmed

The respective members of Today’s and Landmark have voted to merge the groups to form Unitas Wholesale Ltd. Of those members who voted, 96% were in favour of the merger going ahead.

The merger will formally complete on 1 November 2018. By then both groups will have been through a period of consultation and selection with management and staff and will have announced the structure to support Unitas.

No announcement has been made yet about who will head up the combined group.

“We believe that the creation of Unitas Wholesale offers an incredible opportunity to support independent businesses and enable them to thrive. Unitas will also create a new and exciting opportunity for suppliers, independent wholesalers and the thousands of independent businesses that we collectively serve,” said Darren Goldney, managing director of Today’s Group.

Current 2018 joint business agreements between the two groups and suppliers will remain in place until the end of the calendar year. The new Unitas Wholesale trading team will commence discussions regarding 2019 once the merger has completed, with operational alignment occurring throughout 2019 via a process of integration.

Landmark Wholesale (01908) 255300

Today’s Group (01302) 249909

Published Date: September 7, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News