KP ranging trials increase bagged snack sales by 15% on average

KP Snacks’ recent ranging trials, which saw the business support several independent retailers with the implementation of its ‘25 to Thrive’ advice, resulted in average growth of 15.3% in bagged snack sales over a four-week period.

‘25 to Thrive’ provides a recommendation of must-stock crisps, snacks, nuts and popcorn SKUs from multiple suppliers to drive category sales.

KP Snacks is continuing to help retailers capitalise on growth from this category with the launch of a new video showcasing key advice.

Kenny Chupe, retailer at Our Local in Moston, said: “Through the trial, our bagged snacks fixture was completely rearranged, maximising the visibility of bagged snacks products which has driven new sales. Taking part in the 25 to Thrive ranging trials has been a really positive experience and I’m very happy with how top-selling bagged snacks products are now displayed in my store.

“Our store is based in a community with lots of families and a school nearby. Stocking a wide range of PMPs at different price points has led to an uplift in sales, with smaller price-marked packs appealing to family shoppers looking for lighter and more affordable snacks.”

Duncan Tyrrell, impulse category lead at KP Snacks, added: “Bagged snacks remains an important and scalable category for symbol and independent stores, demonstrating resilience throughout difficult economic times. Our impartial ‘25 to Thrive’ ranging advice has been carefully crafted to help retailers capitalise on the growth opportunities within this segment by cutting through a crowded market and identifying the must-stock SKUs that drive sales.

“Supplier and retailer collaboration is hugely important and we are proud to be leveraging our expertise, category insight and the strength of our brands to support convenience retailers.”


Published Date: June 17, 2024
Category: Product & Promotions News