Glacéau smartwater unveils ‘Hit the Bottle’ campaign

Glaceau Smartwater 600mlCoca-Cola Enterprises has launched a new campaign for glacéau smartwater to tap into the ‘dry January’ trend.

Based on the slogan ‘Going dry this January?’, the initiative champions those choosing to embrace a month of detox by encouraging consumers to stay hydrated with glacéau smartwater.

Having already grown to a value of £18.4 million since being launched last year, glacéau smartwater has established itself as a top five immediate consumption water brand, according to Nielsen.

The ‘Hit the Bottle’ campaign is currently being spearheaded by outdoor advertising, with a new PoS toolkit now rolling out in the convenience channel.

Glacéau smartwater is currently available in 600ml, 12 x 600ml and 850ml pack sizes, with a six-bottle multipack set to be launched this month.

Tel: Coca-Cola Enterprises (0845) 722 7222

Published Date: January 8, 2016
Category: Product & Promotions News