Filshill offers Appy Shop solution to KeyStore retailers

Glasgow-based wholesaler JW Filshill has announced a partnership with Appy Shop to provide KeyStore retailers with an e-commerce solution that enables them to offer their customers home delivery and click & collect services.

Filshill supplies more than 190 KeyStore convenience stores across Scotland and the north of England. Appy Shop links directly into a store’s EPoS so retailers are not required to spend time maintaining a separate product file and pricing structure. The platform also automatically adds detailed product descriptions, imagery, nutritional information, and other key information.

Craig Brown, Filshill’s chief sales and marketing officer, said: “We want to offer our KeyStore customers a home-delivery solution that is both cost-effective and easy to use – for them and the people using their stores every day. Appy Shop ticks all the boxes and will provide a valuable service to communities across Scotland and the north of England as lockdown restrictions become more uncertain, the weather gets colder and the demand for home delivery increases.”

Audrey Morland, a long-established retailer with a busy store in Leven, Fife, recently joined the KeyStore group and quickly identified Appy Shop as the perfect partner for her home-delivery solution. “We were doing about 30 home deliveries a day in the early months of lockdown and want to continue to provide what is a much-needed service for many of our customers,” she said.

Tel: JW Filshill 0141-883 7071

Published Date: November 3, 2020
Category: Wholesale Industry News