CJ’s food-to-go offering now available in 65 SPAR Scotland stores

SPAR Scotland wholesaler and retailer CJ Lang & Son has hit its target of installing its CJ’s food-to-go brand into 65 of its 108 company-owned stores by the end of April.

CJ’s is the overarching food-to-go brand, which is available in the stores alongside other food-to-go brands including Costa Coffee, F’real milkshakes, Rollover hotdogs, Kepak, Dunkin Donuts, Greencore, Tango, Skwishee and CSM.

The dynamic food-to-go rollout programme also includes a hot breakfast and lunch offer, as well as a range of rolls, cakes, sweet treats and hot savouries from local bakery suppliers. These companies, which include McGhees, Asher’s, JG Ross, Stuarts, Browning’s, Nevis, Kerr’s and Goodfellows, are local to the stores and well known in the communities, which gives CJ’s a unique local link.

Stephen Brown, head of food to go at SPAR Scotland, said that plans are in place to complete the installation of CJ’s into all company stores by September this year. In addition, SPAR Scotland is looking to roll out the concept to independent SPAR retailers.

“It is important that we work with our independent retailers to deliver an end-to-end market-leading solution in the development of food-to-go, including product, process, training and legalities,” said Brown.

CJ’s represents the biggest investment by SPAR Scotland for many years. The business has taken inspiration from visiting SPAR partners in the UK and Europe and the best retailers across the country and further afield, from the USA to Asia.

Results to date have been excellent as the offer has given customers another reason to visit the SPAR stores. Over six million fresh morning rolls have been sold to date in CJ’s, and coffee sales are up by 138%. This has been driven by CJ’s now famous breakfast link deal, which sees a breakfast roll sell for £1 with any coffee. The halo effect is also tangible, with the retailer reporting growth in all categories, especially soft drinks and fresh foods.

“We have exciting plans to further grow our menu and continue to develop our ‘food for now’ whilst also offering great ‘food for later’,” said Brown. “There is a strong new product development pipeline in place to take advantage of seasonal and new trends.”

SPAR Scotland has developed its own compliance app to help support stores and area teams who are providing practical support and coaching to ensure consistency.

“We see food-to-go as one of the fastest growing categories within our stores, and with this huge investment we are making, we are confident that SPAR in Scotland is leading the convenience sector,” concluded Brown.

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Published Date: April 27, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News