Caterforce relaunches own-brand lines to meet new salt and sugar guidelines

Caterforce is improving the recipes of its own-brand Chefs’ Selections products to ensure they meet Public Health England’s salt reduction targets for 2024.

Chefs’ Selections sauces, which include 2.27-litre mint sauce, sticky bbq sauce, French dressing, salad cream, Caesar dressing, Thai sweet chilli, horseradish and premium tomato ketchup, all now have reduced salt and sugar.

Chefs’ Selections Tomato Paste now also has reduced salt. In making these changes, Caterforce has removed 19 tonnes of sugar and 13 tonnes of salt across the range.

“We’re supporting our customers by reformatting our recipes to ensure that they meet these important new targets ahead of the 2024 deadline,” said Joanna Halucha, group own-brand buying & technical manager.

“By creating these delicious, high-quality sauces with reduced salt and sugar ahead of time, our customers can relax, knowing that the sauce element of their menu meets the new target while still delivering great flavour and fantastic value.”

The new salt targets cover 84 specific food groups, from pizza, pasta and cheese to meat, bakery and condiments. There are different targets for retail and foodservice products. Businesses are also expected to reduce levels of sugar and calories to meet additional guidelines.

Published Date: November 30, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News