Bestway Snacks and Bestway Sweets officially unveiled

Bestway Vans Direct is the name of the new Bestway operation launched following the purchase of 180 vehicles previously operated by Palmer & Harvey for its Snacksdirect and Sweetdirect operations. It services over 20,000 customers fortnightly.

Formerly with P&H, Noel Robinson, Bestway’s director of van sales, said: “Getting the vans back on the road and serving customers was our first priority when we launched the van sales operation in January.

“Retailers were left without their usual supply route and we wanted to make sure that we filled the gap as quickly as possible.

“We have now been on the road for almost two months and the welcome and support we have had from customers has been truly fantastic.

“Now, we have a brand and modern identity which will enable us  – over time – to get all vans liveried up that will help increase awareness among customers.”

Similar to the P&H operation, there are two divisions: Bestway Snacks and Bestway Sweets. The fleet has been increased to 190 vehicles, of which 120 are dedicated to snacks and 70 to sweets. All are in the process of adopting the new identity.

Robinson added: “The whole ethos of the new operation is for customers to sell more, save more and make more. That’s the reason for the two divisions.”

He said the company’s customer sales representatives are armed with the latest technology, providing information on each customer’s order history, plus details of monthly promotions and incentives. “They do more than sell. They advise on category, manage the fixture, rotate stock, put up PoS material, and flag up new products and developments.”

Tel: Bestway Vans Direct (01144) 786 555

Published Date: March 5, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News