Aston Manor unveils first-ever TV campaign for Frosty Jack’s

Aston Manor has unveiled Frosty Jack’s first-ever TV advert. The tongue-in-cheek advert, which encourages customers to ‘Crack Open the Unexpected’, forms part of a wider multi-channel marketing campaign and will be aired on digital channels from 6 May.

The campaign will also run on YouTube, social media platforms, and in out-of-home locations including those targeting pubs, student halls and universities across the UK.

Injecting both fun and personality into the cider category, the campaign features the world’s ‘most famous’ Z-list former celebrity hands model – Hans Handerson. It tracks him reliving his glory days and showing off some of his iconic moves while promoting Frosty Jack’s.

Grace Anthony, brand marketing manager at Aston Manor Cider, says: “The world is overrun with endless amounts of eye-watering costly celebrity endorsements. We therefore wanted to poke some fun by fabricating the world’s most extravagant, famous non-celebrity, and what better way than through a mysterious hand-model – enter Hans Handerson to crack open the unexpected!”

Anthony adds: “Following on from the success of our Straight Outta Crumpton campaign last summer, Aston Manor has been driven to disrupt the category further – this time through Frosty Jack’s.

“The vision behind this campaign is that the money saved by disrupting the status quo and avoiding working with a household name allows Frosty Jack’s to save and pass those savings onto the person who matters most, our loyal customer.

“We are delighted to be able to raise awareness of our much-loved and reasonably priced cider, which is proven to be ever more important during the current financial challenges that we are all facing.”

Published Date: April 27, 2023
Category: Product & Promotions News