American soda brand hits the UK market

Soda Folk, an award-winning brand pioneering American craft sodas, has debuted in the UK with Uncommonly Good Cream Soda and Root Beer.

The brand, which has already secured listings with Booker, uses no artificial flavours and received recognition at the Great Taste Awards 2015 for its Cream Soda variant.

Both flavour concepts are manufactured using carbonated water and pure cane sugar, and come packaged in a 330ml can, with an rsp of £1.40.

The Coloradan-inspired Root Beer also contains a uniquely pungent and piquant root called wintergreen, which has a similar flavour and aroma to Dandelion & Burdock.

The beer is an ideal accompaniment to a classic American hamburger or is a novel cocktail ingredient, while the Cream Soda variant is best served with food or partnered with a smooth dram of bourbon, according to founder Ken Graham.

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Published Date: October 14, 2015
Category: Product & Promotions News