ACE Colour Powder now available from Robinson Young

The leading stain removal brand ACE, which is distributed by Robinson Young, now includes ACE Colour Powder, a new format of its best-selling product, ACE for Colours.

The new line comes in a 450g Tetra Pak box, which has been designed to drive down unnecessary plastic use, use less shelf space and be easier and lighter to ship.

Suitable for most fabrics, ACE Colour Powder removes stains and bad odours on whites and colours, in addition to deeply cleaning garments with active oxygen.

Shirley Peet, marketing manager at Robinson Young, comments: “When it comes to stains, everyone wants a product that will do the job, achieve great results but with minimum fuss. ACE Colour Powder is a major innovation for the stain removal brand.

“Not only is the packaging completely recyclable, but the product promises to deliver the same ultimate washing experience as our best-selling product, ACE for Colours, with a combination of powerful stain removal, fabric care and freshness.”

Peet concludes: “As a brand we are all too aware that nothing stays still for long and this is true of the laundry sector. By offering shoppers this innovative product, we believe we will encourage further developments within the stain removal category. ACE Colour Powder is reasonably priced at just £3, recyclable and will be easier to store in their cupboards at home.”

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Published Date: April 12, 2019
Category: Product & Promotions News