Wholesalers invited to take part in hydrogen/electric HGV funding bid

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA), in partnership with affiliate member Urban Foresight, is inviting interest from wholesalers and suppliers to be part of a consortium submitting a funding bid related to the use of hydrogen/electric HGVs.

The Innovate UK and Department for Transport’s latest funding competition is open to fleet operators of 40-44 tonne HGVs. It will invest up to £140 million in projects as a part of the Zero Emission Road Freight (ZERFT) Demonstration programme, with the aim of accelerating the uptake of hydrogen fuel cell and electric HGVs.

Some SWA members are currently involved in the Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Freight Trial (SHyFT) with Ballard Motive Solutions, which is seeking funding from the competition that would initiate the delivery of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles through SHyFT members.

SWA chief executive Colin Smith said: “These two funding bids represent a fantastic opportunity for SWA members to replace or supplement their 40-44 tonne HGVs with electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The funding will also cover the cost of fuelling infrastructure.

“Project funding must be between £20 million and £90 million for electric, or between £30 million and £140 million for a hydrogen project. Funding will cover up to 70% of costs (80% for capital costs, including trucks and infrastructure), with the total fund pot designed to cover a minimum of 25 trucks within at least two operators and with at least two to three fuelling/charging locations.”

Bid applications for the competition close on 2 October 2022 and SWA members are asked to show their interest quickly.

To hear more about the competition and get an update on the SHyFT project, interested wholesalers and suppliers can attend an online information session from 12.30pm-1.30pm on 2 September: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9FT5DXY

Published Date: August 30, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News