Weekly news summary 2nd October 2014




Bidvest 3663, which has been closely focused on sustainability since 1995, has published details of the areas of improvement until the end of the year and beyond.

Its 100 new ‘Euro trucks’ were introduced with the aim of reducing emissions throughout 2014. It is also increasing the number of company cars that are lower emission or hybrid powered.

Bidvest 3663 own brand

Bidvest 3663’s own-brand packaging conforms with the new EU Food Regulations.

All own-brand products are being supplied in packaging that conforms with the new EU Food Regulations, and the company is also ensuring that more than 50% of the own-brand range meets or exceeds the Government’s 2017 salt targets.

A sustainability report issued by the delivered wholesaler says that in conducting research among customers, both in the profit and cost sectors, it was found that 90% who responded claimed that sustainability is important to their business.

Ongoing activity includes Bidvest 3663’s partnership with Convert2Green, in which customers can arrange for their cooking oil to be collected and turned into biodiesel, which fuels the lorries making deliveries to their outlets.

Operators can also ask to find out the carbon saving relating to the oil recycled from their site, in line with ISO 14064-1. Last year, working with 91 customers, this process saved 2,630 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Shirley Duncalf, head of safety and sustainability, said: “Sustainability is very important to foodservice operators, as 24% of our customers said they relied on suppliers to overcome their sustainability issues and more than 300 have enrolled in the Bidvest 3663 Zero scheme. We are also working hard to make our depots and sites more environmentally efficient.”

Tel: Bidvest 3663 (0370) 3663 000.


Independent retailers can thrive by focusing on their point of difference in the marketplace. That was the key message at Blakemore Trade Partners’ ‘Mission Impossible’ retail show, attended by more than 1,000 delegates.

Jerry Marwood

Jerry Marwood: “We work on a daily basis in partnership with our retailers.”

Managing director Jerry Marwood said: “We need to win the mission battle with our customers each and every day. That’s why our product range, pricing strategy and format development is built on consumer insight.

“We work on a daily basis in partnership with our retailers, providing the flexibility to build a range and format that is specific to a retailer’s core customers.”

Sales director Neil Mercer commented: “Investing in wholesale and retail prices has been a cornerstone of our strategic planning, further enhanced by tactical initiatives such as the Payday deals promotion, investing a further £500,000 to provide our retailers with best-in-market prices to drive footfall and grow basket spend.”

Blakemore Trade Partners has set aside £2 million to co-invest in its independent retailer store estate.

Tel: Blakemore Trade Partners (01902) 366066.


Country Choice, the Bestway/Batleys exclusive cider brand, is now available in two new variants for the off-trade.

Country Choice ciderDark Fruit is a blend of blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries, with an abv of 4%. It comes in a four-can multipack (six per outer) with a price-mark of £4.49, giving a POR of 19.88%.

Strawberry & Lime (also 4% abv) is available in a single non-price-marked 500ml bottle with an rsp of £1.59. There are eight to an outer, delivering a retail margin of 26.4%.

Roopinder Singh Toor, licensed controller for Bestway Wholesale, said: “There is a continuing thirst for fruit-based ciders, which is great news for licensed retailers, both in the on and off-trade.”

Tel: Bestway Group 020-8453 1234.

Published Date: October 2, 2014
Category: Wholesale Industry News