Tata chooses two Scottish wholesalers to promote Good Earth Kombucha

Tata Consumer Products is executing its biggest promotional activity to date to support its Good Earth Kombucha range across foodservice with Country Range member Dunns Food and Drinks and wholesale via United Wholesale Scotland’s (UWS) three depots.

Customers cannot fail to miss Good Earth’s takeover of the 48-metre digital banners at UWS’s flagship Queenslie depot which shout out Good Earth’s Original, Ginger and Pomegranate & Raspberry Kombuchas, nor the bold aisle-end reception and chiller digital displays that draw attention to the front-of-depot pallet display.

Sales potential for Kombucha is strong, reports Tata. Essentially a fermented tea with live cultures that was originally consumed in China more than 2,200 years ago for its detoxifying and energising properties, Kombucha is today a ‘massive trend’ being fuelled by attention to healthy living, self-health and boosting immunity. The UK market for Kombuchas is estimated to be around £8 million and growing by 209% a year (Market Data Forecast).

Made from the black teas and friendly live cultures, Good Earth Kombuchas are slightly bubbly, easy to drink and clean on the palette, and they are also gently pasteurised.

At UWS depots, the product is currently available for £11.49 for a case of 12. Further supporting the brand’s introduction to Scotland and an eye to bagging chiller space for the range, a team of four business development managers are scheduled to safely visit symbol stores in Scotland to raise awareness of the new products with a special consumer offer of £1.49 a bottle, which will be available through UWS from 22 February to 14 March.

“It’s great to work with depots in this way,” says Liliana Jauregui, marketing manager for Good Earth. “We’re a new brand with stand-out drinks which are beginning to get noticed by consumers and retailers alike. In our view something that looks and tastes great, is refreshing and good for the soul and good for the planet can’t be beat!”

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Published Date: January 28, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News