Sir Anwar Pervez steps down from day-to-day responsibilities at Bestway

Sir Anwar Pervez OBE H Pk has stepped down as chairman of the Bestway Group and is now chairman emeritus.

Sir Anwar Pervez (right) has stepped down as chairman, with Lord Zameer Choudrey replacing him in the role.

Former chief executive officer Lord Zameer Choudrey CBE SI Pk replaces Pervez as chairman, while former chief financial officer Haider Choudrey becomes chief executive officer.

Reflecting on his decision to relinquish the chairman role, Pervez, the founder of Bestway, said: “I recall fondly the excitement I felt when preparing for the opening of our first shop in 1963 and our first wholesale depot in 1976. I did not think then that in over six decades we would be the largest independent wholesaler in the UK, let alone that Bestway Group would grow to become a diversified multinational business with interest across multiple sectors.

“I am now 89 years old and have now worked for over 70 years of my life; I have been thinking about the future – with specific reference to succession planning with the view to a smooth transition.

“As the founder of this business, my overriding concern is to give the board of directors the best chance to succeed and for the business to flourish for the benefit of future generations. Our businesses are in robust health. Our opportunities far exceed our commercial challenges. We have every reason to be optimistic about the future.

“It is my long-held belief that Zameer and Haider have the right blend of experience, ingenuity and dynamism to take Bestway Group forward. Under Zameer’s selfless stewardship the group has transformed from a regional player to one of the largest, diversified British multinational conglomerates. Zameer embodies the Bestway values of hard work, sincerity in dealings and service to the community.”

Pervez also announced that, to strengthen the board of directors, Bestway Wholesale’s chief operating officer Naser Janjua Khan has been appointed as a director to the board of Bestway Group. Khan has been with the business for over 20 years.

“I am truly humbled by the success we have achieved as a team, and Bestway’s success today reflects the hard work of all our colleagues,” commented Pervez. “Whilst I may have stepped back from my day-to-day corporate responsibilities, I will still be around to assist and advise colleagues as and when required.”

Published Date: July 8, 2024
Category: Wholesale Industry News