Limited-edition J2O Glitterberry is back – and earlier this year

J₂O’s favourite limited-edition flavour, J₂O Glitterberry, is back and this year and Britvic has made it available earlier than in previous years to allow the trade to maximise seasonal sales opportunities such as Bonfire Night, Halloween and Christmas.

Last year Glitterberry – a blend of grape, cherry and winter spice flavours fused with edible gold glitter – was the third best-selling SKU in the adult soft drinks category over the festive period (Nielsen). Furthermore, £9 out of every £10 spent on the flavour was incremental to the category (Kantar). This emphasises the huge opportunity for retailers to offer their customers something different for the festive season.

To support the relaunch of Glitterberry, J2O’s brand ambassador, Mojo, a cheeky cockney alpaca, is back to remind consumers why J2O is at the heart of key social occasions. In the run-up to Christmas, Mojo will be on air with a new, advertising creative on national TV. This will be supported with a variety of in-store initiatives designed to encourage shoppers to ‘Find their Mojo’ with J₂O throughout the festive season.

Phil Sanders, GB commercial director, at home at Britvic, comments: “J₂O is growing from strength to strength, with an average of five J₂O products being sold every second (Nielsen), so it’s no wonder that customers keep returning, so much so that J₂O has the highest loyalty levels within adult soft drinks (Kantar). We are excited to be on track for another fantastic festive season – especially with £2 in every £5 spent on J₂O within the adult soft drinks category in the four weeks leading up to Christmas (Nielsen).

“We know consumers are more social in the run up to Christmas, as well as wanting to drink less alcohol over the festive season. This Christmas we want to help retailers make the most of the sales opportunities this presents, as well as other key occasions like Halloween and Bonfire Night. The early return of J₂O Glitterberry certainly helps to do this so our advice is stock up now!”

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Published Date: September 13, 2018
Category: Product & Promotions News