Fisherman’s Friend urges the trade to stock up for hay fever season

Fisherman’s Friend is urging the trade to stock up on its 10-variant range of strong, minty and fruity lozenges and help millions of hay fever sufferers to manage their symptoms as the warmer weather finally arrives.

Sales of Fisherman’s Friend soared by 12% during last year’s hay fever season. With the Met Office already issuing warnings of high pollen levels, the company is predicting that the brand will once again be in high demand.

“Almost 10 million people (Met Office) across the UK count themselves as hay fever sufferers between March and September every single year,” explains Jon R White, regional business manager for Fisherman’s Friend in the UK. “That’s a lot of people looking for products that can help offer relief from their symptoms.

“And while we’re only at the start of the 2023 hay fever season, according to the Met Office, we’ve already experienced our second ‘pollen bomb’. This means now is definitely the time to start stocking up as we expect this to grow more this year as Britons look to spend even more time out and about.”

Fisherman’s Friend’s lozenges, which contain up to a third more menthol than rival brands, have an rsp of 92p per 25g pack.

“Not only does Fisherman’s Friend allow retailers to offer a range of products which fit a huge variety of taste preferences – from Original Menthol & Eucalyptus all the way though to Cherry – but our packs also contain a high number of individual lozenges, offering relief for longer than many competitor brands.

“In the current economic climate, where shoppers are looking to make savings any way they can, Fisherman’s Friend is therefore likely to be an even more appealing choice than ever before, further reinforcing its status as a must-stock brand during the hay fever season and beyond.”

Published Date: April 25, 2023
Category: Product & Promotions News