Availability is key to maximising Christmas soft drink sales – Britvic

Trystan Farnworth (pictured), commerical director convenience & impulse at Britvic Soft Drinks, offers top tips to maximise soft drinks sales during the important festive period.

trystan-farnworth-for-webWhat do you think is the key consideration for wholesalers when selecting their Christmas stock?

The fantastic thing about soft drinks is that they will sell after Christmas, so while there is a seasonal spike, there’s no such thing as a ‘Christmas line’. As such, the key consideration is to make sure there is enough stock on the depot floor.

For wholesalers expanding beyond impulse into licensed lines, it’s important to stock up on soft drinks that enjoy a big boost during the festive party season – lines such as the new range of Britvic mixers and juices, and bag-in-box (syrups for draught soft drinks) are must-stocks. Wholesalers should also look to stock a range of soft drinks to take advantage of licensed and leisure outlets topping up from their local cash & carry, where a delivery from their usual licensed supplier may not be possible.

How does Britvic communicate advice to wholesalers at this time of year?

The couple of weeks at Christmas are our busiest time of the year, even beating the peaks we see during the hot weeks in summer. Considered communication is key as, due to the spike in sales and sales representative visits to a depot or an outlet, it’s easy for a depot or store manager to become overloaded. We put a lot of resource into gearing up our field sales coverage well in advance of Christmas, so the focus in December can be on availability on the shop floor – by then, everything else should be done.

We use research from him! and Nielsen to highlight the opportunities to the trade and help them focus on what makes a difference at this time of year.

How can wholesalers enhance their Christmas sales?

Generally, within soft drinks, the biggest watch-out for wholesalers is the spike in immediate refreshment lines. Many wholesalers only focus on getting areas like two-litre take-home packs right, but the reality is that Christmas drives a huge footfall surge on the high streets and consumers want a soft drink on the go.

How is Britvic making its products stand out during the festive period?

The whole team from head office will be undertaking our ‘Feet on the Street’ campaign in retail and wholesale in the last two weeks before Christmas. This has now become a bit of an annual tradition, and it’s where everybody from the office, including our managing director and board, hit the road and typically spend a couple of days each working on the shop floor assisting our sales and merchandising teams. This makes a massive difference to availability and drives a great team spirit across the board.

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Published Date: November 16, 2016
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