Watermelon is the 2020 Red Bull Summer Edition – available for a limited time

Red Bull has launched its 2020 Summer Edition – a watermelon variant – for a limited period.

Supported by in-store marketing, the new Red Bull Summer Edition is available in 250ml red cans, unmarked and price-marked at £1.35 rrp.

With the average soft drink buyer purchasing more than five flavour variants in the last 12 months (Kantar), and 41% of energy drink users saying they would try an exotic/tropical fruit flavour (Lightspeed/Mintel), the Summer Edition is a must-stock for retailers, says Red Bull.

The company expects the new variant to drive overall category growth and revive the growth of flavours in the sports & energy category. Insight shows that flavours are incremental in encouraging new users, with 10% of new shoppers purchasing a Red Bull Edition (Kantar).

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Published Date: July 6, 2020
Category: Product & Promotions News