Vacancies at Country Range, Pricecheck and Bestway Retail

Country Range Group, Pricecheck and Bestway Retail are recruiting.

CRG is looking for an experienced marketer to join the group whilst marketing controller Emma Holden goes on maternity leave. Anyone interested in the 12-month position should contact CRG’s managing director Coral Rose. CRG’s telephone number is (0845) 209 3777.

Pricecheck International continues to expand its team and has multiple opportunities available across all areas of the business, including business development team manager, web developer and sales fast track – a perfect role for graduates.

Details of all the vacancies can be seen here:

Meanwhile, Bestway Retail is looking for a finance analyst and a lead employee relations partner.

Links for each job are here:

Published Date: January 23, 2021

Category: Wholesale Industry News