UWS Trade Show to include awards for retailers and suppliers

United Wholesale Scotland’s Trade Show 2023, which takes place on 15 August at The Crowne Plaza, Glasgow, will include an awards ceremony in the evening.

Award categories include Best Licensed Retailer, Best Vape Retailer, Best Impulse Retailer, Best Tobacco Retailer, Excellence in Customer Service, and Best Symbol Store. There will also be awards for Best Licensed Supplier and Best Non-Licensed Supplier.

There is a James Bond theme to the evening event, with a night of fun and entertainment promised.

The Trade Show has the theme, ‘Save More, Sell More’, and is expected to attract over 300 Day-Today and USave retailers and 100 suppliers.

Retailers can learn about new products, emerging categories and market trends, access special deals, and engage directly with suppliers.

Retailers who sign up early have an opportunity to receive £200 worth of free stock from attending suppliers.

Published Date: June 5, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News