United Wholesale (Scotland) deep-cleans its three C&C depots

United Wholesale (Scotland), the Glasgow-based delivered wholesaler and cash & carry business, has implemented deep cleansing of its three depots uilising new bio-fogging technology (used in hospitals) with the aid of PSS Group.

It has been advised that businesses undertake a deep clean of their properties as they prepare for the potential easing of lockdown restrictions.

United Wholesale (Scotland) successfully decontaminated during closing hours its three branches – at Queenslie in the east-end of Glasgow, Maxwell Road in the city’s south-side and M9 Cash & Carry near Grangemouth.

Chris Gallacher, managing director of United Wholesale (Scotland), said: “Our depots have remained open during the Coronavirus crisis and we have introduced many safety measures to protect our customers, including social distancing.

“We want to do everything we can not only to protect our workforce and customers, but also to help drive down Coronavirus cases and care for our NHS. Deep cleaning is a sensible plan for all businesses ahead of the easing of lockdown restrictions and provides reassurance to customers using the premises.

“We have also just completed the two trial c-stores which are part of our symbol group, Day-Today, and I can confirm this was a massive success and I would encourage all wholesale and retail groups to carry out this procedure.”

Mr Sijad (CJ), floor manager of United Wholesale (Scotland)’s Queenslie depot, added: “Staff are very happy that the depot is getting a deep clean. It gives them confidence that we can continue working without the constant worry of our safety. We all feel a great sense of pride that our company is going above and beyond to look after the safety and well-being of their staff.”

Almost 3,000 retailers shop with United Wholesale (Scotland).

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Published Date: May 11, 2020
Category: Wholesale Industry News