UB: how to achieve better biscuit sales

United Biscuits has launched a ‘Better Biscuits, Best Sellers’ initiative, aimed at achieving total biscuit category growth by up to £88 million in the next five years.

PrintThe campaign supports the company’s current advice platform ‘Better Biscuits, Better Business’ but with a specific focus on driving availability and visibility of the UK’s favourite biscuit products in the convenience channel.

‘Better Biscuits, Best Sellers’ provides ranging and merchandising advice by outlet type and fixture size, covering all manufacturers and takes into account the specific needs of shoppers in the different store formats.

“As the biggest supplier of biscuits in the UK, UB has invested in this initiative to ensure that its customers can maximise the potential that the biscuit category offers but has yet to fully realise,” says Amanda Kurylowski, impulse category controller UK. “Shoppers will benefit because their favourite products will be available to them in more outlets and their needs will be met through simpler and more inspiring fixtures. Product duplication will be reduced and merchandising improved through clearer brand and product blocking.”

Retailers will be able to access the advice across a variety of touch points and activations, including the updated website, www.betterbiscuits.com, contact from the United Biscuits field sales team, trade shows and depot tours.

The initiative follows the launch of United Biscuits’ 2015 biscuits review, Britain Loves Biscuits. Key findings from the report include:

● The £2.5 billion biscuits category accounts for more than a quarter of the snacking market, with double the value growth of confectionery

● Biscuits enjoyed 99% penetration, with each household buying an average of 94 packets of biscuits per year, spending £94.25 each

● Biscuits were eaten on six billion separate occasions throughout the year

● Sweet biscuits account for 80% of the biscuit category with savoury at 20%, although overall the savoury category performed better, growing by 5%

● United Biscuits leads the market, holding nearly a quarter of the biscuit sector with a value of £580 million, double the value of its biggest competitor. Private label products account or almost 28% of biscuit sales, up 3% last year

● Chocolate biscuit bars are the nation’s favourite biscuits, and McVitie’s is the leading brand

● Within sweet biscuits, the top performing sector was special treats, up 3% last year

● Everyday biscuits saw a drop in sales as consumers chose quality over value

● Children’s biscuits were down 5%, reflecting healthier choices made by parents

● United Biscuits was the leading manufacturer of savoury biscuits, increasing its sales by 6%. Jacob’s was the leading brand in this category, holding almost a 20% share of the savoury category

● Key trends which dictated consumer choice in 2015 included health consciousness, a priority for quality over value, and a commitment to biscuits in a diverse snacking market

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Published Date: April 18, 2016
Category: Product & Promotions News