Unitas suppliers told to be on their alert

Unitas Wholesale has sent out an alert to all suppliers to be aware of possible fraudulent activities.

Signed by finance director Andrew Thewlis, the message follows an incident involving an unnamed manufacturer which paid in money to a bogus account.

Thewlis comments: “We are currently helping with a potential fraud investigation that involved one of our Landmark suppliers being given details of a false bank account for Unitas Wholesale by a third party.

“The supplier unfortunately made a payment to this false account and has now had to involve Action Fraud in an attempt to have the money returned. The amount is not significant, but we all need to be diligent.

“With the merger between Landmark and Today’s being public knowledge, supplier accounts departments are expecting a change in bank accounts.

“Full due diligence needs to be followed to detect and stop potential fraud.”

Thewlis asks suppliers to check their bank accounts with Unitas Wholesale and tell him if they have been requested to amend these details after 1 March 2019.

Tel: Unitas Wholesale (01302) 249909


Published Date: May 29, 2019
Category: Wholesale Industry News