Unitas and Confex end their association

Unitas Wholesale and Confex have ended their association.

Confex previously had a ‘group’ membership with Unitas, an arrangement which was originally formed between Landmark Wholesale and Confex and which rolled over on the formation of Unitas Wholesale.

Commenting on the split, Unitas MD Darren Goldney said: “Moving forward we believe collaborations must add value to all parties and this one no longer does.

“Unitas is a 170-strong member-owned group with a collective turnover exceeding £8.5 billion, 320-plus supplier partnerships and a divisional approach with membership that accommodates retail-led, foodservice-led, on-trade-led and specialist members of all sizes. We aim to be efficient for suppliers to get to scale in one place and effective in being able to deliver sales platforms that grow business.

“We are excited to be growing in 2020 and to consistently accelerate our journey to develop a ‘selling’ culture and capability programme. We believe direct interaction and engagement with individual members who are all similarly committed is a great route.

“For clarity, additional collaborations that can accelerate value such as Country Range Group, who has a shared vision for improvement and excellence in foodservice that Unitas Wholesale can complement, are still very much welcome.

“We thank Confex for their partnership over the years and wish them success for their future endeavours.”

Confex issued the following statement: “Confex have enjoyed a long relationship with Unitas but relish the opportunity that their departure from Unitas gives them.

“Confex recently announced the launch of 275 new foodservice own-brand lines under the Core branding which will be ready for January 2021. This will be a focused competitive range that we believe will be a real winner for our members.

“Confex future strategy also includes developing joint business plans with all of our leading suppliers, rewarding growth and discipline across the group.

“Therefore the timing of the departure is perfect for Confex and we look forward to a bright future as an independent buying group.

“Confex will continue to recruit new wholesalers into the group who share their vision for the future.”

Tel: Unitas Wholesale (01302) 249909

Tel: Confex (01608) 652333

Published Date: June 30, 2020

Category: Wholesale Industry News