UK launch of well-known Indian brand Tata Salt in retail and foodservice

Tata Chemicals Europe (TCEL) has launched the Tata Salt brand in the UK. The initial target market is the Indian diaspora in the UK, people who know and value the iconic Tata Salt brand from India.

The UK version of Tata Salt will be manufactured at the British Salt plant in Cheshire, which was acquired by TCEL in 2011.

Richard Diggle, business development manager and project manager, says: “It has required a huge amount of work to take such a well-loved Indian brand and adapt it, to ensure that it complies with all the UK and EU regulations. It’s early days and there will be lots of things to learn, but there are many exciting opportunities ahead.”

Two products are being launched initially – a 1kg Tata Salt bag aimed at domestic consumers and a 12.5kg bag aimed at the restaurant and take-away market. Both will be iodised salt, which is new for the UK market.

Ladan Iravanian, general manager for British Salt, comments: “It is not well known that the UK has a significant issue with iodine deficiency. This has potentially serious health consequences for many people. I am delighted to announce that we will soon be starting a project with the University of Manchester to look at how we can raise awareness of this health risk at a national level, and how we, as a business, can best support the growth of iodised salt in the UK and further afield.”

Tel: Tata Chemicals Europe (01606) 724000

Published Date: August 28, 2017
Category: Product & Promotions News