Today’s Group launches NPD monitoring programme

Today’s Group, together with members of its supplier council, has introduced a scorecard to monitor new product development.

The initiative covers 16 factors, including pack format, outer packaging, case cost, shared margin, price point and comparison with other products. Launch support is also measured.

Each NPD – branded and own-label – is assessed against every criterion, with a green colour indicating the products likely to succeed; there is less confidence when amber or red is displayed.

A group spokesperson commented: “The scorecard is intended to both inform and advise members, suppliers and central office of the favourable or non-favourable attributes of new products. However, it can also be applied to understand the potential success of an existing product.

“The use of the scorecard as a barometer by our supplier base should help product development and marketing teams when launching NPD to ensure products have every chance of success in our sector.

“For commercially sensitive reasons, I am unable to disclose the names of our supplier partners involved in the scheme.”

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Published Date: January 13, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News