Time Wholesale customers snap up offers

Time Wholesale Services, of Barking, Essex, held its first-ever trade show at Romford’s City Pavilion, the event being attended by more than 150 retailers and 35 suppliers.

“Our aim was to create an enjoyable experience, new volume and provide a return on investment for all stakeholders. And we absolutely achieved that,” said managing director of the C&C/wholesaler, Sony Bihal.

“Volume deals placed on the day exceeded all expectations. On average, each retailer left with more than £600 worth of promotions – an excellent result.”

Bacardi Brown Brands sold more than 1,000 cases of premium spirits and Heineken 2,000 cases, with “incredible listings” of Heineken Zero.

A charity gala dinner after the trade show was attended by 430 traders, suppliers, service providers and wholesalers.

Some £30,000 was raised for the Every Well Water Foundation.

Time Wholesale Services has arranged three more events this year: a summer trade show in July, a gala dinner in November and a Christmas trade show early in December.

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Published Date: January 22, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News