The Salt Company introduces 750g drum for five varieties

The Salt Company has introduced a convenient 750g drum across its most popular salt range. The five varieties are Fine Sea Salt, Table Salt, Himalaya Pink Salt, Rock Salt and Coarse Sea Salt.

Packaged in cases of 12, the clean and wipeable drums with handy pouring spouts are suitable for a range of outlets in the catering and cash & carry sector.

The Salt Company has also made its Dishwasher Salt available in cases of 6 x 2kg – perfect for the hotel, catering and foodservice sector, it maintains.

Based in Madeley, Cheshire, The Salt Company is a long-established family-run business that has been offering a wide range of high quality salt products to the wholesale sectors for nearly 25 years.

Tel: The Salt Company (01782) 751418

Published Date: October 2, 2019
Category: Product & Promotions News