Takis snack brand launched in UK backed by £1m campaign

Takis, the Mexican rolled tortilla brand, is being launched in the UK, supported with a £1 million above-the-line marketing campaign.

The Grupo Bimbo owned brand has a global retail market value of over $1 billion thanks to its explosion onto the snacking scene in the USA. The UK launch will further grow Takis’ global appeal as the brand is introduced in its twenty-third country.

Initially available as 55g and 180g packs of Takis Fuego, the chilli and lime flavoured variant, Takis will respond to UK consumers’ increasing appetite for spicy foods and snacks and the fastest growing flavour in the UK (Nielsen).

Maria De la Fuente, global marketing manager for Takis, says: “We have identified a huge opportunity within the UK salty snacks market, where consumers have a high acceptance of Mexican cuisine, and intensely spicy flavours are increasingly popular.

“After a couple of years of consumer testing, we’ve found there to be a great overall liking and purchase intent for Takis Fuego in the UK.”

Takis Fuego 55g and 180g packs bags are zero-rated VAT products and have an rsp of £1 and £2.50 respectively.

Published Date: September 15, 2021
Category: Product of the Month