Sugro UK achieves year-to-date growth of 22%

Sugro UK has achieved year-to-date growth of 22% on the same period in 2021.

The strong performance was announced to the 70 delegates that attended the group’s recent convention in Nepal.

At the event, Sugro UK facilitated its annual networking event, with suppliers and members discussing key industry topics while building relationships.

Sugro undertook a major charitable project with a local school in Nepal, where it recently held a convention for members and suppliers

The attendees also had the chance to visit a local school – Shree Adharbhut Vidyalaya Shabas, based 2km away from the village of Taj Meghauli Serai.

The school provides facilities for 294 students and has 14 teaching staff, and although it is government run, it receives no help from the local authorities to assist with the costs of running the school.

The school was in urgent need of refurbishment and lacking basic equipment that would allow children to safely study on its premises, so Sugro UK stepped in to help – investing in full renovation of the classrooms, from paint to carpeting. Sugro UK also purchased equipment, including study desks and cushions, low beds, bookshelves and TV units.

Sugro managing director Emma Senior commented: “Visiting the school was an absolute privilege and we were all very humbled by the children’s gratitude and thoroughly enjoyed their performances. I was extremely proud to hang the plaque they presented the Sugro board with, which now hangs above the classrooms. It was gratifying to know we had made a real difference to their school.  I look forward to participating in similar projects through our future conventions.”

She added: “This was my first Sugro Convention as its new MD. The event was superb, with many business discussions taking place against the backdrop of a very culturally diverse country.”

Head of commercial & marketing Yulia Petitt said: “With some excellent business opportunities being discussed between members and suppliers during the convention trip, there is no doubt that the group will continue with its remarkable performance this year and will be celebrating its 17th year of growth.”



Published Date: October 27, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News