Sugro offsets convention carbon emissions by planting trees

Sugro has taken a forward-thinking approach to offsetting the carbon emissions for its recent convention in Dubai.

Working with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, the Sugro team were able to calculate the carbon cost of hosting the event, and they then funded the planting of 300 trees within rural Somerset. Creating Tomorrow’s Forest has also ensured that a conservation covenant will be applied to the areas where the trees have been planted, to guarantee the longevity of the scheme.

Sugro’s managing director Neil Turton commented: “We are acutely aware of the need to be carbon and climate responsible and have measured the environmental cost of this event and reinvested into a UK-based tree planting scheme to offset the carbon impact. We intend to do this for all future Sugro events outside the UK.”

A total of 70 guests attended the Sugro conference, which was the group’s first convention abroad for over two years. Turton said: “Making this bold decision to host the event in Dubai was overwhelming viewed as the correct one, as feedback from both members and Ssuppliers was exemplary and really highlighted how important it is to maintain a face-to-face connection.”

Andy Needham, managing director of Sugro member Morris & Son, added: “This trip has summed up what Sugro is all about – relationships built, memories made, fun and graft combining to make all of our businesses stronger in the long run.”

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Published Date: November 20, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News