SPAR Scotland donates £26K to green causes to mark COP26

During COP26, SPAR Scotland is running a community cashback campaign in support of green projects.

The group will donate £26,000 to 26 charities, community groups and projects across Scotland, with each charity receiving £1,000.

Colin McLean, CEO of SPAR Scotland, said: “We are asking customers, employees and the general public to nominate charities, community groups or projects. We are looking for local litter picking groups, planting trees and recycling initiatives, community social projects, green space developments and many more green ideas that happen in local communities around Scotland to support. They will then be in with a chance to receive a £1,000 cash donation.”

Nominations will be shortlisted and customers given the power to decide who will get donations with a public vote.

The campaign is centred on SPAR Scotland’s three pillars of community, people and planet. The business has embarked on a number of its own green initiatives including:

• Zero waste to landfill

• 660 tonnes of cardboard recycled

• 100 trees planted this year in partnership with the Green Earth Appeal – CJ Lang Logistics team is a Green World Ambassador

• 5,000 trays washed each week for suppliers, which reduces the amount of plastic in the supply chain

• With 37 Selectiva 4.0 battery chargers installed, CJ Lang expects to reduce its CO2 emissions by 265,000kg and reduce energy costs and associated battery top-up costs by around £110,000 in the next five years

• Around 40,000 free meals provided since August 2019, working in partnership with Dundee Community Fridge

• School children encouraged to make healthy choices in their everyday lives through SPAR Scotland’s partnership with the Healthy Living Programme

• Football actively promoted to girls aged between 12 and 16 right across Scotland – SPAR Scotland is a grassroots partner of the Scottish FA

McLean said: “Corporate Social Responsibility sits at the heart of our transformation journey, and with COP26 taking place in Scotland this year, we wanted to use the event as a platform to focus on improving the environment and social matters within the communities in which we operate.  Our donations will hopefully help local communities and, if successful, we intend to make this an annual initiative and build on what we donate this year.”

The campaign will be promoted in-store and on digital channels including the SPAR Scotland website, social media, media screens and SPAR Radio.

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Published Date: November 4, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News