SPAR retailers sign up to Blakemore’s Stock and Sell scheme

Some 200 stores have already signed up to Stock and Sell (SAS), an initiative introduced by Blakemore Trade Partners earlier this year for its independent SPAR retailers.

Jerry Marwood: ‘I believe we run our business and our business partnerships in a way that’s different from our competitors.’

By implementing a core range of 600 products including SPAR own-label, and agreeing to a few other conditions around ranging and promotional activity, retailers can start to earn over £10,000 worth of free stock per store at retail value.

Blakemore expects that, through the SAS scheme, its independent SPAR retailers will collectively benefit from a profit injection of more than £2.8 million this financial year.

The development of SAS was just one aspect of Blakemore’s service highlighted at its SPAR Retail Show, held recently in Telford.

AF Blakemore group CEO Jerry Marwood told the 1,000 delegates: “I believe we run our business and our business partnerships in a way that’s different from our competitors.

“SPAR is a truly independent brand working solely to drive sales for independent retailers. We’re here to support your desire to be a successful independent business.

“If ever there was a time to be part of a collective like SPAR, then it’s now. All over the UK and all over the world other SPAR retailers are working through problems and sharing solutions – there is no other network like this.”

For example, collective buying across the world has brought SPAR retailers in the UK the new No1 value range, which provides shoppers with an even wider choice of ‘quality everyday essentials at great prices’.

Delegates at the conference and trade show also heard about opportunities in home delivery, innovation in store formats, and the business benefits of retailers getting involved in their local communities.

Addressing his fellow retailers, SPAR retailer Tristan King said: “Always look ahead positively; there is always opportunity.

“In Blakemore Trade Partners we all work with a partner that is prepared to support us with their expertise, manpower and investment. So, make sure you are fully engaged and use all the help, advice and investment that is available to help you make the most of your opportunity.”

Published Date: June 23, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News