Six Christmas desserts launched by Country Range Group

Country Range Group has launched a range of six desserts for Christmas.

Suitable for vegetarians, the selection comprises a chocolate & raspberry bar gateau, salted caramel profiterole bar gateau, fig & pistachio cheesecake, chocolate &peanut butter pie, dark chocolate & cherry cheesecake and a Cox apple & blackberry pudding.

COUNTRY RANGE GROUP (FOOD SHOOT WITH PAUL DICKSON 04.08.2016)Each slice of both the chocolate & raspberry bar gateau and salted caramel profiterole bar gateau has a trade price of approximately £1.44.

The fig & pistachio cheesecake, pre-portioned into 12 x 108g slices, is priced at around £1 per portion, while the dark chocolate & cherry cheesecake comes in 12 x 112g slices, each of which has a trade price of about 92p.

Chocolate & peanut butter pie (12 x 121g) is priced at around 99p per portion and Cox apple & blackberry pudding has a trade price of about £1.14 per portion.

Martin Ward, CRG trading director, said: “Christmas is about indulgence, so it’s important caterers can offer something extra special. These desserts are exactly that.”

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Published Date: September 26, 2016
Category: Wholesale Industry News