Scottish wholesalers urged to apply now for share of hardship fund

Colin Smith: The SWA will help any of its members with the application process, if they wish.

Local authority websites should be updated at 9am today (Tuesday 20 October), allowing Scottish wholesalers to apply for their share of the Hardship Fund included in the new £40 million Scottish Government support package.

As there is a finite budget for this support, SWA chief executive Colin Smith urges Scottish wholesalers to apply quickly if their business has been affected by the tighter restrictions imposed from 8-25 October. He said the SWA will help any of its members with the application process if they wish.

Wholesale businesses based in Scotland can apply for financial support if they supply primarily short-life goods or produce to hospitality businesses required by the regulations to close or operate in a restricted way and are able to evidence a minimum 25% reduction in turnover during the brake period.

Payments are available of £1,000 or £1,500 per depot, dependent on rateable value, and there is an upper limit of £10,000 for any eligible business operating multiple premises.

Tel: Scottish Wholesale Association 0131-556 8753



Published Date: October 20, 2020
Category: Wholesale Industry News