Rubicon Raw launched to meet changing needs of energy drink consumers

Barr Soft Drinks has launched Rubicon Raw, a big can energy drink designed to meet the needs of today’s developing energy drink consumers.

Made with 20% real fruit juice, caffeine from green coffee beans and B-vitamins, Rubicon Raw comes in three variants – Raspberry & Blueberry, Orange & Mango and Cherry & Pomegranate – with natural flavours and no artificial colours.

The launch is being supported by a £1.5 million consumer, social and shopper marketing campaign, plus a range of in-store and in-depot PoS to signpost the category and engage shoppers at the fixture.

Rubicon Raw comes in 500ml plain cans (rsp £1.29) and £1.29 PMPs. In line with Barr Soft Drink’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the Rubicon Raw outer case is wrapped in 100% recycled film, which has less than half the carbon footprint of its virgin plastic equivalent.

Adrian Troy, marketing director, says: “We have invested heavily throughout the development of Rubicon Raw to understand the energy consumer better and what’s relevant in their lives today. They adopted the category as young adults, but many have matured and evolved as consumers since then, and they’re calling out for something new.

“The average age of an energy drinker is older than one might think at 31, and their needs are moving on. They are life maximisers, people who want to get the most out of life. Energy drinks fuel that lifestyle (TGI).

“Rubicon Raw ticks all their boxes and has performed exceptionally well in research. Consumers recognised that it offers something very new and different and it achieved exceptionally high purchase intention levels, with four in every five big can energy drinkers expressing a positive intent to buy (JVA).”

Energy has grown to become the top ‘drink now’ segment of soft drinks – worth £1.4 billion and growing at 8% (IRI). Within this, big can energy is driving the growth at 13%, highlighting an opportunity for retailers to take advantage of innovative NPD.

“Flavour remains really important to energy drinkers – they are looking for more than functionality, they want a great tasting product,” adds Troy. “Eight of the fastest growing energy SKUs are flavoured, four of which are juice based (IRI).

“We are confident that Rubicon Raw will help retailers provide energy shoppers with the product they’re looking for – a big boost of energy with a fruity and refreshing taste experience,” concludes Troy.

Tel: Barr Soft Drinks (01204) 664200

Published Date: February 11, 2021
Category: Product & Promotions News