Quicker online ordering offered by JJ Food Service

JJ Food Service has launched a ‘one tap payment’ option for online orders placed using the company’s app.

Chief operations officer Mushtaque Ahmed said: “Convenience and speed are absolutely key to our customers. With more than 50% of our online orders now coming via a mobile device, one tap payment will make online shopping at JJ Food Service faster than ever before.”

It works by using details that have been captured via the app by a card scanner and stored in the system to allow customers to check out instantly. Multiple card details can be saved at any one time.

“This means that customers do not need to manually type in credit card information, saving time and improving accuracy”, said Ahmed.

One tap payment joins the wholesaler’s new fingerprint ID and card scanning facilities.

“As a result of these three developments, we have reduced the time taken to place an online order by a minimum of 30%,” said Ahmed.

Tel: JJ Food Service (0843) 309 0991  

Published Date: September 22, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News