Pricecheck cuts carbon emissions by more than 30%

Pricecheck has cut its carbon emissions by more than 30% in the last year.

The decrease is a direct result of the steps taken by the international FMCG distributor to improve its sustainability stance and provide a more environmentally-conscious service for both customers and suppliers.

By implementing changes to its buildings, processes and equipment, Pricecheck has not only seen an improvement in efficiency but also a reduction in waste, costs and energy.

Initiatives range from switching to electric forklifts and recycled shrink wrap, to refining transport systems and networks. By exploring backhauling solutions with hauliers, the Sheffield-based wholesaler has shortened its travel routes and, as a result, cut its carbon footprint.

Pricecheck has also taken advantage of digital opportunities, investing in software for international video calls, introducing flexible working-from-home options, and transitioning to a fully paperless office.

“As a fast-growing wholesaler, we are in a position where we can make a difference,” said joint managing director Mark Lythe.

“As well as finding ways to reduce our own waste, we continue to be an alternative route to market for residual stock that could otherwise be heading for landfill. We believe that by considering more thoughtful logistics throughout our supply chain, we can help to create a greener future for wholesale.”

He added: “If there’s anything other businesses can learn from our experience, it’s that the small things really do add up. We’ve not done anything transformational in the past 12 months, but the simple actions we have taken have led to tangible change.”

Pricecheck is an international distributor of fast-moving consumer goods. It stocks 8,000 of the world’s biggest brands, and more than 60 sustainable brands across food, beauty, household and toiletries categories.

Published Date: March 30, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News