PepsiCo adds new Tropicana Energise variant to Essentials range

PepsiCo has added a new Energise variant to its Tropicana Essentials line-up.

The new flavour includes pineapple, passion fruit, banana and ginseng, as well as magnesium to help fight tiredness – one of the main health and wellness benefits that shoppers are looking for.

The release of Energise is part of a wider invigoration of the Essentials range, with modernised artwork to attract younger shoppers to functional juices.

Caroline Wilding, marketing manager for Tropicana at PepsiCo, comments: “Only one-third of British adults currently achieves their five portions of fruit & veg a day (Public Health England). Juice drinkers are 70% more likely to achieve their five-a-day target (Sig-Nature) and so, as the UK’s number one chilled juice brand (Nielsen), we can play a role in closing that gap.

“Since the launch of Tropicana Essentials, the range has continued to bring incremental shoppers to the category (Kantar). Functional juice is the fastest growing segment within chilled fruit juice and Tropicana Essentials has established itself as a beacon brand.”

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Published Date: May 11, 2020
Category: Product & Promotions News