Panasonic unveils new packaging and adds extra power

Panasonic Energy, Europe’s largest battery manufacturer, is introducing new packaging across its range as part of a global packaging overhaul for 2017.

In addition, the company is giving a power boost to its best-selling alkaline battery, Pro Power, so that it “delivers improved performance and better value than the best-in-class batteries”.

The new packaging design features appliance icons on the front of the packs, as opposed to the backs. This is in response to consumer research showing that there continues to be confusion among shoppers when choosing batteries.

Tim Clark of Panasonic Energy UK comments: “Our research shows that the battery category is still a confusing place for shoppers, with the consumer decision buying tree telling us that shoppers firstly choose a battery based upon a need to power a specific appliance. So by moving the appliance icons to the front of the pack, we are helping them find the right battery for their appliance.”

Panasonic’s new  design features across its three-strong alkaline range, with a different colour differentiating each of the variants: Panasonic Everyday Power for entry-level value, Panasonic Pro Power offering advanced power ideal for high to medium-drain appliances, and Panasonic Evolta for the most demanding battery users.

In addition to the new packaging, Panasonic Pro Power is being given a boost in power of 6% compared to the previous generation.

Clark says: “Long-lasting power is one of the most important criteria for battery shoppers, and our technological leadership means that with continued innovation, we have been able to increase the power to our best-selling battery by 6%, and so deliver an excellent performing product, at an affordable price.”

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Published Date: July 11, 2017
Category: Product & Promotions News