Palmer and Harvey upgrades vehicle technology

Palmer and Harvey is upgrading driver PDAs (personal digital assistant) this year to improve efficiency and customer service.

Palmer and Harvey new lorryThe current system, consisting of nearly 1,000 hand-held devices, has been in place for four years. It is used to track vehicles and confirm delivery and service levels.

The new technology will feature a ‘co-pilot’ satellite navigation system, vehicle tracking, delivery asset recording, vehicle safety checks and messages, photography and scanning.

In addition, P&H’s new vehicles will have a ‘slipstream’ body, meaning they are 14% more fuel efficient. Improvements are also being made to the vehicles’ refrigeration systems.

Mark Leonard, group operations director, who joined the wholesaler nine months ago, said: “These developments are part of a wider programme of change taking place in our supply chain and will support greater efficiency.”

P&H operates a total of 1,350 vehicles, of which 950 will benefit from the improved system.

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Published Date: December 27, 2015
Category: Wholesale Industry News