The Co-op begins roll-out of own-brand to Nisa retailers

The Co-op has begun a programme to offer its own-brand products to stores operating as Nisa, the retail/wholesale concern that it recently acquired.

Part one of the four-phase roll-out covers 49 lines, including pizzas and snack foods.

The total launch, which will be completed by the end of the year, will comprise 800 products.

A Co-op spokesperson said: “There’s excitement among partners about how Co-op’s range will help invigorate the Nisa wholesale proposition, with a strong product offering, industry-leading levels of availability and competitive prices.”

She stressed, however, there was no obligation on the near-3,000 Nisa retailers to stock the Co-op products. She added: “They can even use their local cash & carry. This is just another option.”

Nisa already has around 800 own-brand lines of its own and it is up to shop owners to decide whether they wish to carry both sets of own-label products or stay with what they already have.

Tel: Co-op (0800) 068 6727

Tel: Nisa (01724) 282028

Published Date: July 5, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News