Nisa invests £5 million in own-brand pricing

Nisa is investing £5 million in own-brand pricing to help shoppers during the cost-of-living crisis.

The Core Essentials range was highlighted at the Nisa Expo.

More than 1,000 price reductions will be live to Nisa retailers from early October, with the top 100 most frequently purchased products all set to fall in price. Co-op Fairtrade bananas, free range eggs, carrots, bacon and pasta twists are included in the list.

Nisa’s newly appointed managing director Peter Batt said: “Co-op own brand is absolutely key to our offer for independent retailers, more so than ever before as shoppers struggle with the increasing cost of living.

“This investment in the price of more than 1,000 Co-op own label products will support our retailers, ensuring they stay competitive, helping them to drive sales and margin during ever challenging times.”

Alongside the price investment, Nisa is further supporting retailers with the introduction of the core essentials range.

Unveiled at the Nisa Expo, the 330 Co-op own-brand lines form a collection of products recommended to all retailers to enable them to stock a comprehensive own-brand offer in store for their customers.

Based on sales insights and data, the core essentials package incorporates Co-op’s standard tier own-brand lines along with three top-selling SKUs from Irresistible, the Co-op’s premium own brand tier: Co-op Irresistible Prosecco, Hand cooked Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps, and Wood Fired Margherita Pizza.

In addition to the recommended Core Essentials range are two bolt-on packages, one focusing on value – comprising 52 lines from the Co-op Honest Value range – and the other on premium, with 70 Irresistible products included.

The add-ons will help retailers cater for the right demographic of each store, enabling them to enhance both ends of the budget with supplementary products.



Published Date: September 28, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News